Why are Redline garagegear garage cabinets better than ones from a big-box store?

Actually, there are four reasons…cabinet variety, powder coated finish, cabinets engineered for the garage, and value. First, we offer about 500 different garage cabinet styles and sizes to ensure we have a storage solution for everything you want to store.  Second, the durable powder coated finish is perfect for the garage…scratch and dent resistant and resistant to most household chemicals. Third, unlike most store-bought cabinets, Redline garagegear garage cabinets have been designed specifically for the temperature and humidity extremes found in the typical garage environment. From sealed exterior powder coated finishes, to off-the-floor design, to heavy-duty hardware, these cabinets were designed to last a lifetime. And the powder coated finish will not peal or delaminate. The cabinets the big box stores sell will not allow you the flexibility to organize your garage for the last time. Four, top everything with a reasonable price and a knowledgeable and helpful sales team, and we believe that combination is the best value on the market. 

Why are powder-coated garage cabinets better?

 Powder coated finishes bond to the substrate, completely sealing front, side and back surfaces, resulting a seamless finish that withstands moisture, temperature swings, grease and dirt, and resists chipping, denting or peeling. Powder coating creates a superior finish that outperforms, laminate, paint and plastic.

What do you mean custom-built garage cabinets?

 Custom garage cabinets…sounds expensive. Not so!Our unique design and manufacturing process allows us to be as efficient producing custom garage cabinets as other companies that produce stock cabinets. What does this mean for you? A truly custom storage solution for the cost of an “off-the-shelf” solution.
We begin with your approved design and build the garage cabinets and storage solutions exactly to your specifications. Your finished garage storage solution will be completely custom for you. See our Process page for details.

My garage is unusually shaped. Will your garage cabinets and storage solutions work?

 With more than 400 garage cabinets choices, you can be assured that garagegear will fit almost any situation. And with a large assortment of specialty cabinets, and accessories such as storage walls, your final installation will fit your space like a glove. If spaces are tight, we have garage cabinets that fit in spaces with as little as seven inches of clearance. Add slatwall to handle large or bulky items, and virtually every inch of your space can be used. 

How long will the process take?

 Once your project design is approved, we start the manufacturing process immediately. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing methods ensure your order is process quickly and precisely. Your new garage cabinets will be completed in just a few days and shipped directly to your home. Installation only takes a day or two in most cases. 

How do I clean my garage cabinets?

 Cleaning your maintenance-free garage cabinets is a breeze. The powder coated finish completely seals the exterior surfaces and is impervious to almost all garage dirt, grease and grime. Simply wipe clean with damp cloth or use a simple household cleaner for stubborn grime. Your cabinets will look like new for a lifetime.

What if I have problems in the future?

 Your cabinets are covered by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty, so if anything does happen, you’re covered. Try finding a warranty like that at your local big-box stores.

How much do garage gear garage cabinets cost?

That’s not an easy question to answer, because every garage is different and so are every garage owner’s needs. Customers have told us many times that our products are a great value. Our pricing is very competitive for multiple reasons; our Agents are all independent dealers, without expensive royalties to pay, which helps keep overhead low, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing is very efficient, allowing us to offer custom products at an “off-the-shelf” price, and a great value for our customers. Contact us today to see how your garage can be transformed into great storage area and a home for your car once again.